Interior Design

Choosing the right colours

We will help you choose the perfect color palete, that will inspire and create your dreamed atmosphere.

TIP: Always test the color in the actual room.  Each room have different levels of illumination and that does have impact on the color. 

Creating focal points

Your home does not have the view of the lake or the great fireplace, not a problem! 

There are many ways to create focal points that will give personality to any room.

TIP: The flow of the room naturally draw your attention to a point. Work with it, not against it!

Showcasing what you have

Because its your home, it should reflect your stile.  Let's showcase your pieces and your personality and turn them into statements.

Clever design will make  the most of what you have!

TIP: Too many items can distract the attention and create a sense of confusion and clutter. 

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